The White Coven-Belfast

by Bob Price

Witchcraft has protected humanity since it first appeared on Earth. Small covens of witches live among us on every continent fighting off supernatural assaults while also aiding in the maintenance of law and order. Discovering a member of a witch coven operating among the judiciary to be expected as they play a significant role in the preservation of humankind. None is better at what they do than those in the White Coven Belfast.

The true nature of witchcraft has for too long been clouded by those who practice black magic for the Dark. The White witches too often considered a threat when in fact they are heroes who defend humanity at any cost. This is the story of a White Coven operating in the 21st century that repeatedly demonstrates its courage against unimaginable evil.

Reviews: Enjoyed reading this book. Recommended to family and friends. Joanne Charles on Amazon

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