About me

Writing is a vocation rather than a job.

I write to please myself because I find it enjoyable. However, when others tell me they also enjoy what I’ve written it’s icing on the cake.

Bio in brief

Born in the early fifties I travelled across the African continent because my father worked for the British government. Settling back in the UK in the late fifties. I spent forty plus years in public service before retiring to Northern Ireland with my wife and four kids and collection of animals.

At a personal level, I have always been fascinated by science fiction and supernatural incidents and spent more than twenty years researching predictive systems including Tarot cards together with a variety of Asian astrological concepts. Additionally, I trained in Tai Chi Chung eventually becoming an instructor in my own right. The martial art provided me with a glimpse of the energy that surrounds us all on a daily basis and how it is possible to connect with it.

Main Activities

Now in retirement. I fill my time with hobbies that include:

Writing novels and short stories in the following genres: crime, fantasy, political satire, science fiction, supernatural and, westerns.

Read as much as possible. Most usually all the genres I also write about. Also, keeping up-to-date with how politics is played out both in the UK and US.

I’m a bit of a petrol head and like modern classic cars.

Past Experiences

Fingerprint Officer
(1970 – 1972)
Provided me insights into crime that led to my joining the Metropolitan Police.

Metropolitan Police Officer
(1972- 1981)
Initially based at Fulham SW6 before moving to Romford in Essex as a detective.

Civil Servant
Became a generalist in which I was asked to turn my hand to a variety of different jobs that provided me a varied skill-set.

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