Here’s a little about me you might like to know.

In 2019 I chose to begin a new career writing fast paced fiction stories covering a variety of genres. Including: Comedy, Crime, Fantasy/Paranormal/ Political Satire, Supernatural, Science Fiction and, Westerns.

With the help of publisher Zimbell House Publishing in Michigan USA. I’ve been able to publish the type of fiction that I’d often dreamed about. Sharing my anthologies with other authors covering the same subject was a great way to improve my own understanding about what works and what doesn’t when replacing words for images. This is particularly true when writing Sci-Fi as it’s great for expanding your own imagination.

Additionally, as a prolific writer I use Amazon Kindle to separately publish my personal novellas and novels online.

Below are my published works to date. The top & bottom tier are anthologies. Short stories focused on a single subject matter. Published by Zimbell House Publishing.

The Marshal is a collection of tales that show you how he got his man, told by fifteen talented new writers that are sure to revive the western genre. Which will be your favorite? Featured Contributors: Ace Baker, Ben Fine, Bob Price, Bruce Harris, David Massey, Dawn DeBraal, E. W. Farnsworth, Gerry Wojtowicz, Kathryn Sadakierski, Lincoln Reed, Luis Manuel Torres, Matt McGee, Oliver Brady, Steve Carr, and Todd Salvia

Spirit Walker features nine tales of healers, both novice and experienced, and the spiritual journeys on which they embark. Young spirit walkers must rely on the advice they glean from their earthly and spiritual mentors as they are faced with new challenges, including healing the village elders, finding their true selves, and even solving a murder. While some healers seek to return to their roots, others create new traditions for the benefit of the tribe. The path may not always be easy, but with guidance from the spirits and open hearts, the spirit walkers find their way. Which will be your favorite? Featured Contributors: Steve Carr ♦ Max Carrey ♦ Scott Chaddon ♦ Dawn DeBraal ♦ E. W. Farnsworth ♦ David Massey ♦ Tom Munroe ♦ and Bob Price

The Guardians of Time showcases ten new writers thrilling us with daring time travelers that face the task of righting the wrongs of the past. The League of the Guardians has selected its most worthy candidates to make the trip. The travelers risk it all as they go back in time to prevent nuclear destruction, serial murder, the depletion of Earth’s resources, and other historical imbalances. Changing alliances, political regimes, and unanticipated ripple effects further complicate their missions. Will the travelers have the strength to follow through with their assignments and forever change the future? Which tale will be your favorite? Featured Contributors: E. W. Farnsworth ♦ Megan Lam ♦ Bruce H. Markuson with Frank Pipp ♦ Owen Morgan ♦ Edwardo Perez ♦ Bob Price ♦ Lincoln Reed ♦ Taylor Roth ♦ Wendy Steele ♦ and Lyle Stiles

My published novellas using Kindle

December 2020 brought a second American Civil War. A British government that supported the wrong side and the rise of the British Republican Party. What occurs in America has an impact the world over. No more so than in the UK. With homeless numbers spiralling out of control. Teens being kidnapped. And irritations with COVID-19 restrictions adding to a long list of public complaints. The crazies were out in force. Different factions seeking opportunities among the chaos. Being confronted by the unusual nothing new to Buick and her small team of detectives. Except this time those involved considered themselves above the law. For good reason as she was to discover.

My second novella using Kindle

A late-night tube train rumbles to a halt outside Moorgate station. Initially passengers are unconcerned. But after twenty minutes with no explanation from the driver patience is wearing thin. Passengers bang at his door without success. While attempts to open it prove easier than expected. The small compartment is empty. Driver gone. So, begins a mystery that requires the dexterous investigative techniques and supernatural specialities of Betty Buick and her small team. So, begins a mystery that requires the dexterous investigative techniques of Betty Buick and her small team.

My first novella using Kindle

2020. Police resources cut. Prisons overflowing. Courts at breaking point. Emergency Services in COVID chaos. Enter human traffickers run by the Russian Mafia and you have a cocktail with only one possible outcome. Constable Grace Penny three years in the job operates from Lisburn police station County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Together with a local DS J. Lo they uncover a plot surrounding the deaths of four Croatian teenagers that reveal a trafficker ring intent on developing an organ transplant operation that encompasses the entire UK.
Very soon they also come to realise they are merely scrapping the surface of something deeper, darker and deadlier than they could ever have imagined.

If you like my Kindle book covers you can create images just like them using Laughingbird software. It’s easy to use because I use it. It’s also fun and value for money. Perhaps the cheapest of its type with the ability to create as it does.

Explorer One is a collection of fourteen short tales told from the alien’s point of view, written by twelve up-and-coming new writers.Which will be your favorite?Featured Contributors:Jennifer Andersson ♦ Dawn DeBraal ♦ Scott Chaddon ♦ E. W. Farnsworth ♦ Bruce Markuson ♦ Edwardo Perez ♦ Bob Price ♦ Lincoln Reed ♦ Taylor Rigsby♦ Todd Salvia ♦ H. R. Schwartz ♦ and Katie Stairs

That’s all for now – 25 October 2020. Check back soon as there will be plenty more.

Stay Safe – Wear a mask. Keep your distance. Protect others as well as yourself.