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Ninety feet below London a late night tube driver goes missing while waiting at a red stop light. Abducted by aliens or ghosts seemed a reasonable possibility as far as the media was concerned. Of course everyone in authority scoffed at such notions. Everyone except DCI Betty Buick and her team at the Irregular Missing Person unit (IMP) New Scotland Yard.


Witches, human traffickers, and cranks who believe they can reach Mars without a spaceship. That was okay until they began abducting teenagers as human guinea pigs, and some turned up dead. The media storm that followed created its own problems. Add to that police corruption and the fact this all happens around Christmas and those assigned to the investigation were bound to think Christmas was cancelled.

For lovers of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Three tales that challenge your imaginative boundaries. Lose yourself in the possible existence of Hell and what it might mean for those who find themselves trapped there for eternity in Soul Hunter. Alternatively, are humans unwittingly cohabiting with vampires, werewolves, and even triffids? Discover how monsters among us are trained to remain undetected in human society in Monster Boot Camp. Finally, did humans come from the stars to colonize the Earth? Were the creatures depicted in fables and legend real? Discover the answer in The Rings of Medusa.

Rumours of an extra-marital affair with a childhood sweetheart together with a pornographic photograph allegedly of them having sex in a church during university days. Turned Prime Minister Rupert Streaker’s life upside down in public and on the home front. Saving his career as well as his marriage now the focus of attention. Can he save both or will no amount of spin save them? In an alternative reality, anything can happen.

Prime Minister Rupert Streaker is determined to win public adoration to achieve a personal goal – a statue of himself erected outside the relocated Parliament buildings in Blackburn Lancashire. For history to use it as a measure of his reign in power. Believing his premiership as the best of the best. Achieving his goal required his political party to agree the relocation, something most were against. Streaker finds himself at a fork in the road. He needs to continue to lead his party against fierce opposition together with the inevitable kick-back from the House of Lords that he wants to disband.

Below are published short stories focused on specific genres published by Zimbell House Publishing.

The Marshal is a collection of tales that show you how he got his man, told by fifteen talented new writers that are sure to revive the western genre. Which will be your favorite? Featured Contributors: Ace Baker, Ben Fine, Bob Price, Bruce Harris, David Massey, Dawn DeBraal, E. W. Farnsworth, Gerry Wojtowicz, Kathryn Sadakierski, Lincoln Reed, Luis Manuel Torres, Matt McGee, Oliver Brady, Steve Carr, and Todd Salvia

Spirit Walker features nine tales of healers, both novice and experienced, and the spiritual journeys on which they embark. Young spirit walkers must rely on the advice they glean from their earthly and spiritual mentors as they are faced with new challenges, including healing the village elders, finding their true selves, and even solving a murder. While some healers seek to return to their roots, others create new traditions for the benefit of the tribe. The path may not always be easy, but with guidance from the spirits and open hearts, the spirit walkers find their way. Which will be your favorite? Featured Contributors: Steve Carr ♦ Max Carrey ♦ Scott Chaddon ♦ Dawn DeBraal ♦ E. W. Farnsworth ♦ David Massey ♦ Tom Munroe ♦ and Bob Price

The Guardians of Time showcases ten new writers thrilling us with daring time travelers that face the task of righting the wrongs of the past. The League of the Guardians has selected its most worthy candidates to make the trip. The travelers risk it all as they go back in time to prevent nuclear destruction, serial murder, the depletion of Earth’s resources, and other historical imbalances. Changing alliances, political regimes, and unanticipated ripple effects further complicate their missions. Will the travelers have the strength to follow through with their assignments and forever change the future? Which tale will be your favorite? Featured Contributors: E. W. Farnsworth ♦ Megan Lam ♦ Bruce H. Markuson with Frank Pipp ♦ Owen Morgan ♦ Edwardo Perez ♦ Bob Price ♦ Lincoln Reed ♦ Taylor Roth ♦ Wendy Steele ♦ and Lyle Stiles


Explorer One is a collection of fourteen short tales told from the alien’s point of view, written by twelve up-and-coming new writers. Which will be your favourite? Featured Contributors: Jennifer Andersson ♦ Dawn DeBraal ♦ Scott Chaddon ♦ E. W. Farnsworth ♦ Bruce Markuson ♦ Edwardo Perez ♦ Bob Price ♦ Lincoln Reed ♦ Taylor Rigsby♦ Todd Salvia ♦ H. R. Schwartz ♦ and Katie Stairs

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